Unity Sand Ceremony

The mixing of sand, more commonly known as a unity sand ceremony, is one of the most popular unity ceremonies performed at weddings.  The ceremony involves two separate vessels of sand being joined together into a single vessel, visually demonstrating the union of marriage and the joining of two separate lives into one.  The options to personalize this ceremony are endless.  This type of unity ceremony is especially popular with blended families as a sort of visual act of commitment between the two families.  Getting the kids in on the action (or close friends that helped connect you and your beloved) is a wonderful way to express gratitude to your loved ones.

Pouring unity sand during the wedding ceremony

Wedding unity sand vase after sands are joined

Here is a breakdown of a Unity Sand Ceremony:

Simple Ceremony Script

“(Bride) and (groom), you came here today as two different families.  When you leave here today you will be joined as one family.  We now celebrate (bride) and (groom)’s union with a symbolic unity sand ceremony.  This ceremony symbolizes the inseparable union of (bride) and (groom) into a new and eternal marital relationship.  The two individual containers of sand set before you — one representing (bride) and one representing (groom) — each hold grains of sand representing a unique and separate moment, decision, feeling or event that helped shape you into the unique and individual beings you are today.  As each of you pour your individual container of sand into the common vessel, those separate and independent individuals will cease to exist.  The individual containers of sand will cease to exist, and will be joined together as one.  Just as these grains of sand can never be separated back into their original form, our prayers for you today are that your lives together will never be separated, but joined together in love and life eternally.”

The ceremony can be modified to include children, grandchildren or close friends and family.  White sand is usually poured in first either by the officiant or by loved ones representing the foundation for the couples’ union.  Typically immediate family members or special friends that helped bring you and your beloved together are picked to share in this ceremony with the Bride and Groom.  Each contributes either their own color of sand or a single sand color representing the loved ones that helped build the foundation for your marriage.

The best part of a Sand Ceremony is making it your own.  Couples can choose from over 100 colors of sand.  Some choose natural sand from a place close to their heart or even sand from their wedding venue.  At Lillian Rose we offer keepsake unity sand ceremony vases, which are available to be personalized.

Wedding Unity Sand Vases from Lillian Rose

Personalized Unity Sand Vase Set from Lillian Rose

Wedding Unity Sand Ceremony Vase Set from Lillian Rose

Wedding Unity Sand Picture Frame Holder from Lillian Rose

BONUS TIP: Use sand from your wedding venue or a special place you and your future spouse share together.  Have your officiant include color meanings in your sand ceremony.

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