Top Tips to Choose Your Bridal Accessories

Bridal accessories add a personal touch and complete your wedding day look.  Well-chosen accessories will enhance the beauty of your wedding gown and draw attention to the most attractive aspects of your outfit.

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Brides today have an amazing variety of choices in bridal accessories.  While this gives you enough options to pick from, it can also cause confusion.  Here are some tips from the wedding fashion experts at Best for Bride ( to help you make the right decisions when you go shopping for your wedding accessories.

Search for inspiration

Do some research before you go shopping.  Once you have your wedding dress, think of what accessories would best complement it.  Search online and in bridal magazines for inspiration.  Collect pictures of jewelry and accessories that suit your style.  Use this information to shortlist the different accessories that you would like to try on when you go shopping.

A crystal flower ivory bouquet from Lillian Rose

Plan your look

Remember that every bride and every wedding is different.  So find inspiration in various sources, but don’t base your look entirely on these pictures.  Keep your choices true to yourself.  Consider your wedding style to decide what accessories would be right in the setting.  Also pay attention to your facial features and build, and choose jewelry that will help you look and feel great.

Silver butterfly necklace and earrings from Lillian Rose

Shop early and be open to options

Don’t put off shopping for accessories until the last minute — begin soon after you purchase your wedding dress.  This will allow you time to do your research, check out options and find the best choices.  Try to take your accessories to one of your bridal dress fitting sessions.  You can then try them on with the wedding dress and see how the entire look comes together.  If you aren’t happy with your choices, you should have enough time to exchange them for new ones.

Moderation is key

You do not need one piece of every type to complete your look.  Too many flashy accessories will clash with a heavily embellished gown and ruin the entire effect.  If your gown is opulent, keep the accessories simple.  You can pair a simple gown with heavy accessories.  Small, light jewelry pieces look good on dresses with heavy embroidery or lace appliques, while sparkling jewelry enhances the elegance of silky fabric.  Choose only those pieces that will not distract from the stand-out features of your dress.  If you choose a dramatic accessory, keep the rest of the elements in your ensemble simple to avoid a cluttered effect.

Step out of your comfort zone

Don’t hesitate to explore the various options available.  Try bridal accessories that you have never worn before.  Your wedding is the right occasion to step up your style factor and surprise your guests.  Add a little personality to your look by choosing unusual and stylish accessories.  A belt, ear cuffs or a colorful piece of jewelry are options to consider.  If you will be wed in autumn or winter, a stylish stole, bolero or even umbrella would be a unique accessory.  Nonetheless, don’t overdo it.  Your guests should be able to relate your look to your personal style, or it will be too distracting.

Dress your hair up

With tiaras, hair clips, headbands, veils, and flower crowns, you will be spoiled for choice.  Mix and match different options to find one that is uniquely yours.  If you wear a veil, pair it with a tiara or fascinator for a dramatic effect.  Place tiaras and hairbands at different positions on your head and find one that is most appealing.  You can also choose from flower crowns and hair clips for simplicity.  This article on the Bridal Guide has useful pointers on choosing the right hair accessories.

Mix metals with care

Although you needn’t choose all your bridal accessories in the same metal, ensure they do not clash with each other.  It is a good idea to keep the effect cohesive by choosing a similar finish.  Match the metal colors in your accessories to the white of your wedding dress.  Shades like ivory and cream look good with gold tones while pure white should be paired with silver.  If your dress features embellishments, choose accessories with a similar style.  For instance, white gems will look good with crystal embroidery while you can wear pearls with beaded embroidery.

Wedding steampunk bouquet from Lillian Rose

Consider the fit

Size matters where jewelry and other bridal accessories are concerned.  This is why you should see the item and try it on, before making the purchase.  Never compromise on comfort when choosing shoes.  A shoe that is a size too big or small can cause a lot of discomfort, since you will have to spend hours on your feet.  Always choose a heel size that you are used to.  Don’t skimp on quality, as extra padding and good quality soles will help you get through the entire day easily.  Similarly, make sure your bracelet and necklace fit securely.  When choosing a veil, pick a length that will flatter your body shape and draw attention to the most attractive features of your wedding dress.  Understand the different types of veils by visiting this article.

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