5 Best Bridal Hair Accessories

The hair accessories you wear on your wedding day are the crowning glory of your bridal look! How you decorate your hair will have a great impact on your overall wedding look.  While there are limits to how you can personalize your wedding dress, hair accessories compensate for this.  They give you the chance to express your creativity and come up with a look that is truly you! Nonetheless, your accessories should complement your dress, go well with your hairstyle and the jewelry you choose, as well as flatter your facial features.  For useful tips on how to choose the best bridal hair accessories to meet these requirements, take a look at this article on the Bridal Guide.

There is an amazing variety of wedding hair accessories available today.  However, not all of them can take your bridal hairstyle to the next level.  The team from Best for Bride Toronto tells us about the top five bridal hair accessories that are worth your attention.  So, take a look at these accessories to consider if you want your hairstyle to impress everyone.

The bride wearing an elegant tiara

The Tiara

There are few other accessories that are as royal as the tiara.  Your wedding day is the perfect occasion to flaunt this statement piece of jewelry, since you have hardly any other opportunity to wear it.  So, this is your one chance to look like a princess.

Tiaras come in various shapes and sizes.  Apart from the traditional princess tiara, there are other glamorous and contemporary designs which are also suitable for weddings.  Traditional tiaras look wonderful with classic wedding dresses.  When you opt to wear a tiara with an opulent gown, keep the rest of your accessories simple to avoid a cluttered look.

The bun wrap tiara and double band are simpler romantic styles to be worn on the crown of your head.  When wearing a tiara, don’t forget to experiment by placing it at different positions on your head, and choose the one that looks best.  For more details on choosing the right tiara for your style, take a look at this article.

A bride shows off her elegant hair comb

Hair Combs

Many brides prefer to have their hair in an updo for their wedding, and hair combs are the right accessory for such styles.  This accessory works best when at least part of the hair is pinned up, so it can be inserted into the hairstyle.  Combs easily accent an otherwise simple hairstyle, by adding just the right amount of sparkle and details to it.

Hair combs come in different shapes, sizes and designs.  So, it is easy to find one that matches the embellishments in your dress or complements your jewelry.  They can also be tucked into a hairstyle without hassle.  This accessory can also be paired with a veil to enhance its effect.

As with any other accessory, ensure that the hair comb you choose doesn’t clash with your outfit.  Find a comb that goes well with the color and style of your gown, and work with your hair stylist to decide how to wear it in your hair for the best impact.

An elegant bride dressed in hair pins.

Wedding Hair Pins

These small hair accessories can add just the right amount of sparkle to a bridal hairstyle.  Hair pins are excellent choices when you choose a complex hairstyle and you must accessorize with subtle elements that enhance your hair’s beauty without overwhelming.

You can match your hairpins to the smaller impressive details in the rest of your outfit or to the theme of the wedding.  This could be the embellishments on your dress, the flowers in your bouquet or even the colors in your wedding.  Colorful hair pins are an interesting way to add a pop of color and tie your bridal look to the wedding theme.

The bride wearing a beautiful head band

Head Bands

Head bands are versatile hair accessories that can be paired with almost any hairstyle.  These can be worn easily and with hair of any length to enhance the appeal of the bridal hairstyle.

Apart from being trendy, head bands also are an easy and practical solution to keep your hair away from your face.  If you must leave your hair open, use this accessory to add sophistication to your simple hairstyle.  It is also suitable for brides with short hair and limited options to make it look unique.

Depending on your wedding style, you can find headbands that are classic, modern, Boho or colorful.

The bride wearing a stunning fascinator in her hair


With the growing popularity of vintage wedding themes, fascinators are in big demand as hair accessories.  These add exquisite charm to the bridal look.  Being a statement accessory, fascinators also draw attention to your face and hairstyle.

There is a wide variety of fascinators to choose from.  The best thing about this hair accessory is that you can find a suitable design for any hair length and style.  Fascinators often feature unusual elements like feathers, lace and faux flowers, and may also be embellished with sparkling accents and colorful details.

When you choose a fascinator as your head piece, try to keep the rest of the details simple.  It pairs well with vintage style dresses.  To avoid going overboard, pair it with understated jewelry to complete your look.  Also choose a suitable hairstyle that will work with the fascinator you choose, as well as enhance your facial features.

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