Signature Wedding Drinks

Signature wedding drinks add a personal touch!

Sneak Peek: Signature Wedding Drinks

Signature drinks have really taken over the wedding scene. Not familiar? Here’s the scoop.

The bride and groom pick out their favorite cocktails. They can add a personal twist, rename it to something more fitting for the occasion, or leave it as-is. Ta-da! Signature wedding drinks.

Coming up with a name for your special beverage isn’t hard. Offering a berry blend? Berry in Love. Drinks with mint on the main stage? Mint to Be Mojito. Watermelon? One in a Melon. Bloody Mary’s? Bloody Marry Me. Gin and tonic? You & Me G & T. The options are endless! Each month we’ll bring you a new, unique, downloadable cocktail recipe, title included!

Today we’ve got three sweet, summery signatures for you to try at home, or bring to the bar at your reception.

Cordially Yours/Lime Falling in Love (Elderflower and Lime Cordial)

Click here to download this recipe for Elderflower and Lime Cordials!

Mint to Be Blueberry Mojito

Click here to download this recipe for Mint to Be Blueberry Mojitos!

Sip Sip Hooray (Rainbow Citrus Infused Water)

Click here to download this recipe for Rainbow Citrus Infused Water!

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