DIY Wine Glass Table Number Shades

Get creative with DIY table numbers!

Looking for ways to save a buck on your wedding budget? I’ve got the perfect, easy, inexpensive DIY project for you! Below are easy-to-follow instructions on how to make your very own, custom candlelight table number shades out of paper and a wine glass.


Scissors, translucent paper, lampshade templates, wine glasses, LED tea light candles, glue dots or double-sided tape

All the materials you need for DIY table number shades

Step One

Print and cut out the table number shades using the PDF provided in this article. There are 24 numbered shades in the file, but print as many as you need! There’s always room for innovation.

Print out our DIY table number shades

Step Two

Place your glue dots or double-sided tape (they both work equally as great) along the edge of one of the flat ends of the shade cut-out and fold the free end over the adhesive. Depending on the width of the top of your wine glass, you may consider adjusting how far you overlap the ends of the shade.

Step Three

Place your LED tea light candle centered, inside the wine glass.

Step Four

Set the table number shade on top of the wine glass.

Our DIY table number shades on display

Feel free to print this artwork on other types of paper for different effects. The more transparent the paper, the more light will shine through. Scrapbookers in the house? Sift through your stash of decorative scrapbook paper to find designs that fit the theme of your event. It will let less light in than rice paper or other transparent papers, but will add an amazing personal touch nonetheless.

Also think about experimenting with different size, shape, and colored wine glasses. These can be found at garage sales, the Dollar Tree (, or even in your own kitchen cupboards!

Happy creating!

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