Bold Wedding Inspiration

Bold Wedding Inspiration

All summer long you’ve seen pretty pastels and tropical embellishments, but it’s time to bring in the bold. Think jewel tones- ruby, emerald, amethyst, sapphire. From classic vintage to modern elegance, this palette can take on a multitude of stunning twists.

Rich, dark hues are a bold wedding choice

If you are a lover of color, a diva of dark hues, or a goddess of grand trends, then this rich wedding look is perfect for you- and you’ve come to the right place to get the best bold wedding inspiration.


Dress your wedding party in rich colors

Clothing is almost a no-brainer. Nearly every skin/hair color combo looks gorgeous in jewel tones, so consider dressing your bridal party in rich shades. If this is too daunting for you, accessorize with opulent jewelry (ties for the men), or even dark-hued shoes.


Wedding flowers in bold, saturated colors

Flowers play a key role in any wedding. To really drive this moody color palette home, choose an array of deeply saturated blossoms.

Wedding flower choices, including reds, purples, blues and greens

Here, we’ll break down your flower options by color. (Of course, the choices are virtually limitless, but here are a few tried and true blooms.)

Reds:  Rose, carnation, dahlia

Purples:  Tulip, pansy, hyacinth

Blues:  Iris, geranium, columbine

Greens:  Hellebores, ferns and other assorted greenery, succulents

Table Setting

Use powerful colors as your reception table settings

Cake Photo courtesy of Flour & Flourish

Properly incorporating powerful hues at your reception will play a key role in your entire theme. Floral centerpieces are popular, but there are other ways to create the perfect table setting, too. Dishware and plating is just as important as décor, so be sure to find a balance when selecting the two.

Cake and Treats

Choose a cake or cookies in bold colors

Cookie Photo courtesy of Nevie-Pie Cakes

For a true showstopper, choose a wedding cake or other sweet treats that carry your bold wedding inspiration all the way through to the last detail. Floral toppers, hand-painted designs, rich frosting… It really doesn’t get better!

Happy planning and cheers to your bold and beautiful celebration!

Written by: Kristin Dvorak

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