Hurricane Harvey and Irma: How You Can Help

Thousands of people in the Gulf Coast area have lost their belongings, their homes, and have been completely displaced as a result of the enormous amount of rain Hurricane Harvey produced in August.

Weather experts say 9 trillion gallons of rain made landfall on the Texas Gulf Coast, leaving homes and buildings swallowed up by the water, vehicles floating down main thoroughfares, and traffic lights barely peeking up over the water line.

Houston and the surrounding area have suffered a great deal of loss and need our nation’s help to get back on their feet.

Hunter Pace, a Houston local, has shared some tragic video footage of the floods, as well as photos of the damage.

Damage caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas

Pace stated that, “the biggest shock for everyone was just how fast it came in- the levels of water rose so quickly that almost nobody knew just what hit them. Fields that have never flooded were six feet under. Livestock that everyone thought was safe on higher hills were swimming just to stay afloat.”

After talking with Pace over the course of a few days, we were able to assemble a list of things that we as individuals can provide to our southern neighbors. Here’s how you can help:

• Hay and feed for the remaining livestock

• Pet food for animals that have been sheltered as a result of the devastation

• Baby items (formula, food, diapers, and wipes)

• Toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap)

• Clothing (including socks and shoes)

• Bedding

If these items aren’t within your reach, donating money to national and state-run organizations will be just as beneficial. There are local organizations dedicated to collecting each of the aforementioned items, as well as orgs such as the American Red Cross that will donate 91 cents of every dollar to fund efforts in Texas and Louisiana.

5% of all orders at goes to the Red Cross for hurricane relief

What are we doing? Lillian Rose has been donating 5% of every sale to the American Red Cross and will continue to do so throughout the upcoming weeks; so for every order you place, you’ll be helping reestablish life to Gulf Coast communities. (We will be extending our efforts due to yet another massive natural disaster, Hurricane Irma.)

Hurricane Irma has recently touched down along parts of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, devastating areas from Central Florida to coastal South Carolina.

Mandatory evacuations have been issued for approximately 6.5 million Florida residents. Now more than ever, our southern states will need continuous help to rebuild their communities and their lives.

Do you have any hurricane stories or footage you’d like to share? How have you lent a helping hand to those in need? Leave a message in the comments below or email us at

Written by: Kristin Dvorak

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