Start-to-Finish Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall Wedding Ideas

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Fall is probably one of the most gorgeous times of year to host your wedding. Surrounded by your loved ones and brightly colored trees make for an all-around warm and fuzzy experience. Plus, it’s the perfect season to show off your favorite rich colors. Read on, autumn brides, to gather the best fall wedding ideas!

Invitation Suite

Kick off your fall wedding the right way by designing your save the dates to match the vibe of your special day. Think deep, warm hues and extravagant florals to mock the changing trees and blooms outside. This is another excellent opportunity to incorporate different textures and materials, too!

Fall Wedding Ceremony


With mild temperatures and mostly sunny skies, the beginning of fall is the perfect in-between season to have your wedding. This means that you can risk an outdoor ceremony because pesky summer insects have likely fallen, and bonus – it’s beautiful outside! What an opportunity to include Mother Nature on the guest list. (For those of you in a location that’s chillier in autumn, booking a rustic venue with great views is another way to keep your fall wedding close to nature.)

Fall Wedding Reception Ideas

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Things that matter at your reception – your guests. Be sure to aim high at your fall wedding reception by creating the yummiest autumnal menu. Replace the salad course with a flavorful soup, like butternut squash or delicious minestrone. Fall is a wonderful time to swap out lighter entrees for heartier ones, like pasta, pork/lamb, or even a seasonal pot pie. As for dessert, well, we all know that wedding cakes are falling to the wayside to make room for donut walls, caramel apple bars, and cupcake or mini pie displays. If, however, you choose to have a traditional wedding cake, it’s the perfect opportunity to splash fall colors, flavors (cinnamon, pumpkin, chocolate, apple), and décor throughout.


Functional favors have taken over the scene. Summer weddings yield programs that double as fans. Seeds and personal planters represent the new beginning that is spring. Cozy scarves and blankets keep guests warm at winter weddings. But what to send your guests home with at your fall wedding? A few options include personalized wine glasses or mugs, miniature homemade jams or maple syrup, or even something as simple as an apple.

Written by: Kristin Dvorak

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