5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Personal

Make Your Wedding Personal

Whether you’re planning your special day with a 500-person guest list or 50 loved ones, there are countless ways to make the event meaningful. We’ve drawn from personal experience and our own expertise to gather five simple ways to make your wedding personal.

Limit Your Wedding Guest List

1. Limit the Guest List

By limiting the guest list to family and close friends, your wedding is sure to be meaningful and memorable for everyone involved. Not only that, but your bank account won’t be crying for help, you can spend your wedding budget elsewhere, and offer more accommodations for guests. (Helpful hint: Plan a destination wedding. It will allow you to organize a smaller, more intimate event, and causes the least amount of conflict among guests.)

2. Book a Venue with On-Site Accomodations

In the days leading up to your wedding, it is important to spend quality time with your loved ones. Booking a venue with on-site lodging will make this an easy task because everyone will be close enough to share meals with, help with last-minute details, and just relax with.

Choose an officiant who knows you

3. Choose an Officiant Who Knows You

The officiant at your wedding should have a real sense of who you and your fiancé are as individuals and as a couple. For a truly intimate wedding ceremony, choose an officiant who you are both close with. This person will be able to draw from special, authentic moments as they marry you, which will have you and your guests tearing up, laughing, and reminiscing for years to come. It doesn’t get sweeter than that!

Write your own wedding vows

Vows Books by Lillian Rose, Inc.

4. Write Your Own Vows

Whether you’re hosting a large or small wedding, one definite way to make your ceremony personal is to write your own vows. While there’s nothing wrong with reading prewritten vows, writing your own will really make the moment memorable. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear what’s on their honey’s heart?!

5. Get Emotional

Throw away the fear of ruining your mascara or saving face for the camera. Your wedding is quite possibly the most monumental event of your entire relationship. Embrace the emotions: excitement, anticipation, happiness, love, and all the other feelings that come with getting married… Embrace it like you embrace each other, with rawness and open arms.

At the end of the day, it’s your day. Style your wedding around your personal wants, needs, and comforts. It will be wonderful in all of its grandness or intimacy no matter what.

Style your wedding the way you want!

Written by: Kristin Dvorak

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