How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Registry

How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Registry

As we head into 2018, we might not be in the thick of wedding season, but it’s certainly engagement season! It’s an exciting time of year for brides and grooms-to-be which means there’s a lot of planning happening right now. Those first few months after an engagement can be a whirlwind – you’ve got to pick the venue, a date that works, tweak the guestlist, and start your registry. All of these things deserve ample thought, so to make things easier we put together a few tips on how to make the most out of your registry.


Wedding Registry - Be Practical

Be Practical

Picking things for your shower and wedding is such a fun and exciting time, so it’s usually one of the first things checked off the to-do list. Before rushing to get it done, take some time to think about it. What do you really need?

Start by doing an inventory of what you already have in your home. Kitchen appliances and home goods are popular gifts for new couples, but if you already live with your significant other, you might not need items in those categories. Do a true sweep of what you already have and talk about what will truly make a difference in your lives. Make sure you choose items that you have room for and will actually use!

Register with Guests in Mind

In regards to your guests, it’s important to consider the cost of the items and the amount of them. It’s important to make sure your registry ranges in prices, even as low as $25 or less, since each guest will have a different budget. You can also place high ticket items on the list so guests can splurge or split the cost!

A common mistake couples make when putting together their registry is actually not putting enough items on it. My suggestion is to double the number of guests you have and use that as a ballpark number of items.

You’ll want to make shopping easy for your guests, so avoid sending them to too many different stores. Companies like Zola allow you to register at a few different stores but compile it all onto one online registry.

Optimize your Wedding Registry

Optimize Your Registry

Love to travel but hate to cook? Leave the standing mixer off your registry and pick a nice camera, luggage, or choose some items from an outdoor store. You want your registry to truly be a representation of you and your significant other, which means it’s okay to go off the beaten path and pick some not-so-typical items. Gone are the days of registries with gravy boats, china, silverware, and items alike.

Registries can include physical items, experiences, money for a honeymoon or future home, or even contributions to your favorite charity. When your guests are buying for you, they should be buying with confidence that you’ll absolutely love what they’re gifting to you.

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